Our Chapter Organization: The American Society of Dowsers (ASD) has over 2000 members worldwide. There are more than 50 chapters, and our Verde Valley Chapter charter covers Yavapai and Coconino Counties. There are three additional chapters in Arizona, The Life Force chapter in Phoenix, the Globe Dowsers in Globe, and the Tucson chapter in Tucson.

ASD is a non-profit organization, and so is our chapter. We are financially supported completely by your donations and our sales of dowsing tools and supplies. None of the officers receives any salary or pay for the operation of this chapter. We volunteer our time because we enjoy sharing dowsing with you and meeting other people who share our mutual and ongoing interest in dowsing.

Purpose: The purpose of our chapter is to share knowledge about dowsing, to help people learn how to dowse and to help dowsers enhance their dowsing skills. We hear expert speakers and sponsor workshops on a wide range of dowsing subjects and related topics.

Definition of Dowsing: Dowsing is defined as a “quest for information with or without the assistance of a device such as a forked stick or pendulum through a means other than the five senses”. This “other means” is called intuition, which is ” the immediate knowing or learning of something without the conscious use or reasoning”. Our purpose is to learn to directly access this source of knowledge that informs the human subconscious, and to use this intuitive information only for the highest good.

Meetings: Chapter meetings are held from September through May at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 100 Arroyo Pinon, Sedona. Meetings are open to the general public. A $5.00 donation is suggested.

At each chapter meeting, a guest speaker presents a two hour lecture on a specific application of dowsing or on a dowsing related topic. Speaker presentations are followed by a vegetarian pot-luck dinner, where participants can socialize and discuss their common interests in dowsing. For details on upcoming speakers, click here.

In addition to regular chapter meetings, the chapter also hosts the Southwest Dowsing Conference in Flagstaff, Arizona on a biennial basis. This event attracts hundreds of dowsers from across the United States and from other countries. Over 50 speakers present their latest material on dowsing and related subjects. The next conference will be held in October, 2013.

Donations: We ask for your donation of $5 at the door, less if that is what you can afford. All donation money comes back to you in the form of top quality speakers and programs. We pay speaker’s expenses to get them here, rental to the St. Andrew’s Church in Sedona and all our postage, copying and supplies.

Membership in ASD: We highly encourage everyone to become a member of the American Society of Dowsers. Application forms are available at each meeting The American Dowser Quarterly and the Dowsers Network are important publications for you to use as an aid to increasing your dowsing knowledge.

Mailing List: It is our policy to make no commercial use of the chapter mailing list. You will not receive any junk mail from being on our mailing list., only the chapter meeting announcements and other dowsing related classes. If you do not come to a meeting for a year, you will be dropped from our mailed notices. Due to the size of our list and the cost of postage, we are trying to contact as many members as possible by email.

Dowsing Tools Available: We have a variety of dowsing tools such as pendulums and different sizes of L-rods and Y-rods. We keep our tool costs down to a minimum for you so you can try new tools.

Video and Audio Tape Program: Most of our speakers are very gracious in letting us video tape their presentations. As a fundraising of our chapter, we offer these tapes to you. A separate list of tapes and an order form is available. Click Here.

Our Verde Valley Chapter Logo: Our logo was designed especially for us by well-known Sedona artist Les Peck. The earth, sun, water and the labyrinths (challenges) in each compass direction are all shown along with the Thunderbird holding a dowsing rod. The Thunderbird is legendary beast that was said to create thunder by flapping enormous wings. Today the symbol commonly represents success, long life and unlimited happiness. For our chapter, the logo symbolized how we all seek to expand our lives; walk the labyrinths we find in each direction; and expand our knowledge, capabilities, and intuition through our education, training and experiences with dowsing.


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